Original iPhone & Samsung parts  replacements are guaranteed for the Lifetime of the Device. Warranty is strictly limited to the replacement of the parts. This covers all device parts repaired or replaced, that malfunction, or do not work as intended or designed; EXCEPT in situations that are outlined below:

Newly installed parts in all Devices are guaranteed for 90 days from the date of installation. This covers any laptop, phone or tablet screen and/or LCD and any other repaired or replaced parts that malfunction, or do not work as intended or designed; EXCEPT in situations that are outlined below:

We stand behind our tech services for 30 days from the date of service completion. If the problem you are having is a direct repetition of the exact problem which caused you to request service from us, then you are eligible for our warranty; EXCEPT in situations that are outlined below:

Repairs that do not include a component replacement are under warranty for 30 days. Motherboard parts (chips) that are replaced are under warranty for 90 days; EXCEPT in situations that are outlined below:

Due to the fickle nature of water damage, we can only warranty liquid damage repairs for 30 days, even if they are successful. In cases of irreparable Devices, a water damage cleaning fee will be deducted from any refund. In cases where further repair is needed, there may be additional costs incurred.

We provide a warranty on all repairs because of our confidence in both our high-quality parts, as well as our technician’s abilities to properly perform repairs. We cannot, however, use this warranty to cover further damage caused to a Device after the repair because this is not a result of either the hardware being faulty/defective or our technicians improperly installing it. Issues with other parts and functions of the equipment since repair are not covered.

If your Device shows evidence of having been tampered with, shows broken warranty seals, or shows evidence of being damaged as a result of an additional repair or attempted repair after being serviced by ExpressTech, then the warranty is void.

Warranty is strictly limited to the parts and/or service that has been paid for. Software issues, data and changes to your Device (including hardware, software and/or antivirus protection program) are not covered.
The warranty is valid only for the specific Device repaired and the original customer. It is not transferable across Devices or if the Device is sold or given to another individual. Warranty claims can only be processed and approved by our repair centre technicians. Please return your Device to our repair centres, with your original sales receipt. Let Us Help If you would like to submit your Device for a Warranty Claim, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Premium Original iPhone screen repairs (Starting on 3/28/18) and a 90 Day Warranty on our Standard iPhone screen repairs, all other repairs have a 90 day part/labor warranty against manufacture defects. It does not apply to any other part of the device but the part we replace. If any issues were to arise, let us know and we will fix it fast. It does not apply to cracks of the glass, digitizer, or screen (LCD), accidental drops, spills, power surges or anything else that can be done to accidentally break a device. Warranties are void if additional damage happens to the phone after we repair it. We document the condition of every phone we service meticulously before and after repair. This warranty does not apply to liquid damaged phones.

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